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Jessica Chastain opened up about the challenges of working with her friend and co-star Anne Hathaway on their new film, Mother’s Instinct.

In this psychological thriller set in the Sixties, Chastain and Hathaway play Alice and Celine, two best friends and mothers whose bond is tested after a tragic accident sparks paranoia and guilt.

Chastain, who previously starred alongside Hathaway in Interstellar, discussed their dynamic on set during an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. She admitted that it was tough to portray conflict with someone she considers a close friend.

“It was tricky to play friends who face challenges in the story, especially when you care deeply about the person,” Chastain explained. She expressed a desire to collaborate with Hathaway again in a role where they don’t have to clash so much.

Hathaway, a Bafta and Emmy award-winning actor, praised Chastain as “one of the greatest living actresses” and described her as a “dear friend.”

“Some actresses need time to get into character, but not her. She’s a total pro, and when the cameras start rolling, she just brings this incredible depth of emotion.”

The actor, who received an Academy Award for her role as televangelist Tammy Faye in the 2021 film “The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” has recently starred in “Memory,” a movie directed by Mexican filmmaker Michel Franco.

In a three-star review by chief film critic Clarisse McLoughrey for The Independent, it was stated that in “Memory,” Chastain portrays a character who internalizes the grief of a lost childhood, leading her to tense up and adopt a defensive stance.

Chastain reciprocated the sentiment, applauding Hathaway’s performance in the film. “She’s truly incredible and can switch gears effortlessly,” Chastain said.

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