Apple fined against SpotifyApple fined against Spotify

Apple was hit with an EU antitrust fine of $2 billion, its first-ever, for preventing Spotify and other music streaming services from informing users of payment options outside its App Store.

The European Commission’s decision was triggered by a 2019 complaint by Spotify over this restriction and Apple’s 30% App Store fees.

Apple has been found in violation of EU antitrust rules, deemed illegal under their regulations. The report reveals that Apple continued this practice for nearly a decade, resulting in users paying ‘significantly higher prices for music streaming subscriptions,’ according to the European Commission.

The EU imposed a fine of $1.8 billion on Apple following a prolonged investigation initiated by a complaint from Swedish streaming service Spotify five years ago.

In recent times, the EU has taken a lead role in global efforts to regulate major tech companies, imposing substantial fines on Google and charging Meta with distorting the online classified ad market. Additionally, the EU has initiated a separate antitrust investigation into Apple’s mobile payments service.

Initially focusing on Apple’s practice of compelling app developers to use its in-house payment system, charging a 30% commission on all subscriptions, the commission later shifted its focus. The investigation now centers on how Apple restricts app makers from informing users about more cost-effective payment options for subscriptions that bypass the in-app process.

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