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In an interview before the match, Jake Paul shared his dream of becoming a world champion. Talking about his recent success, he mentioned, “I beat a pro boxer in December in the first round, someone who’s been boxing their entire life. What did I do next? I went straight back to camp to get ready to face my next opponent, a professional boxer who has twice as many professional fights under his belt than I do,” as reported by MMA Wrestling.

The former YouTuber, now a professional fighter, defeated Ryan Bourland via TKO at 2:37 in the first round on Saturday night in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Paul utilized a strong jab and a powerful right hand close to the body early in the match. This set up a significant combination that had Bourland in trouble against the ropes. Paul continued his assault until the referee stepped in, ultimately stopping the fight.

Living and training in Puerto Rico, Paul had the support of the crowd. Adopting the nickname “El Gallo de Dorado,” he made a unique entrance in a rooster outfit. Fans were chanting “Gallo” during his entrance and the first round.

Expressing his joy in the post-fight interview, Paul said, “I wanted it to be a little longer to give the fans some more time. I’m just so happy to be in Puerto Rico. Y’all show mad love.”

Who had the advantage before the match?

Jake Paul has faced only one defeat in his career, which occurred against Tommy Fury. Despite this setback, he swiftly rebounded with a couple of victories and is now poised for success against Ryan Bourland.

On the flip side, Bourland brings considerable experience to the ring, having secured 17 victories out of 19 matches, with only 2 losses. Eager for his 18th win, Bourland poses a formidable challenge for Jake Paul. The match outcome, especially in terms of a knockout victory, remains an intriguing aspect to watch.

Jake Paul (8-1, 5 KOs) continues to face opponents with professional boxing experience, building on his first-round knockout of Andre August in December.

Ryan Bourland (17-2, 6 KOs) steps into the limelight for the biggest bout of his career, aiming to pull off an upset against Paul in his first professional appearance since September 2022.

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