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Earlier this week, Jasmin Paris made history as the first woman ever to complete the grueling 100-mile race at Barkley Marathon, within the challenging 60-hour time limit, finishing with less than two minutes to spare.

A remarkable act of sportsmanship from Jared Campbell might have eased Jasmin Paris’s groundbreaking finish at the Barkley Marathons, one of the toughest ultra-marathons globally, famously known as ‘The Race That Eats Its Young’.

Jasmin Paris is one of only 20 people to have finished the Barkley Marathons, since it was extended to 100 miles in 1989.

Jasmin, from Midlothian, Scotland, said she wanted to test the limits of what she was capable of and inspire others.

She crossed the finish line on Friday with 99 seconds to spare before the 60-hour cut-off.

This event is incredibly tough, both physically and mentally, with elevation equivalent to climbing and descending Mount Everest twice from sea level.

The annual race at Frozen Head State Park involves five loops of roughly 20 miles (32km), with 60,000 ft (18,000m) of ascents and descents – twice the height of Mount Everest from sea level. Only 17 individuals, all men, had previously accomplished this feat.

Paris, a mother of two young children, a small animal vet, and a research scientist, had already made waves by completing four 20-mile loops earlier in the race, a feat previously achieved only by men.

“I only had like a few minutes to get up that hill. So I ended up sprinting at the end of the end of 60 hours of burning through the forest, which felt really hard,” she said.

Her arms and legs are covered in scratches as she had to push through on the route, very little of which is on a path.

“Brambles would get you and it was like having somebody cut you and that would happen loop after loop and it was like doing it back over the same scars,” she said.

Jasmin Paris Scratches
Jasmin’s covered in scratches from running through forest & bushes

Campbell, an American with an impressive track record at the Barkley, arrived at the inter-loop ‘camp’ roughly 10 minutes ahead of Paris. He knew that if he stayed ahead, he would be able to choose the clockwise direction for the final loop, which is considered slightly less difficult.

So, Campbell made a remarkable gesture by seemingly offering Paris the choice, showcasing the remarkable camaraderie among the runners. This event is not just a competition against each other but against the race itself.

Despite the immense pressure on Campbell to achieve an unprecedented fourth finish, he succeeded, cementing his status as a legend of the Barkley Marathons.

Both Campbell and Paris are absolute legends, and their story adds another captivating chapter to the rich folklore of the Barkley Marathons.

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